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Ordering/ General


Order in advanced?

Occasionally, new Product will be offered on the Website for ordering before they are released and available. You may order it by placing an order in advanced. The new Product will be shown on the Product detail page, together with an estimate of how soon we expect the Product to be released.


What currency is used?

All prices for Products sold on the Website are listed and billed in Hong Kong Dollars.


Will I / the recipients receive Products exactly the same as those shown on the Website?

Techislive does not guarantee that the Products ordered correspond completely with the specifications or samples as shown on the Website. Please refer to the Product details of individual Products for further information. Also please refer to our “Techislive Products and Delivery Services” in Terms & Conditions.


Is there any restriction on ordering Products from the Website?

  • If you are not able to enter into legally binding contract or you are less than 18 years old, you should not order any Products through the Website.
  • Certain Products are restricted for delivery to Hong Kong addresses or recipients in specified destination countries only. Please refer to the Product details of individual Products for further information.



Order Delivery & Processing


How can I know my Order is successfully placed?

You will be prompted back to the “Transaction Successful” screen with the Order details upon a successful online payment. A confirmation letter with your Order details (“Confirmation Letter”) will be e-mailed to the e-mail address you entered in the Online Order Form for correspondence. Please note that your Order is considered to be accepted by us only when you receive the Confirmation Letter. Please quote the Order Reference Number for future correspondence and tracking of delivery with us.


Can I request the Products be delivered to a P.O. Box address?

No. A P.O. Box address is not acceptable.


Delivery Services

We provide different shipping methods available for different destination countries. You can select the delivery method to suit your need before the payment processing page.


What is the delivery charge for the Products ordered?

The delivery charges of Techislive vary according to the categories and weight of the Products, shipping methods selected and the destination countries. The total delivery charges for the Products ordered will be shown at the checkout page for your confirmation before proceeding to the payment processing page.

For overseas delivery, all customs duty, VAT, sales taxes or any kind of fees levied or imposed by your destination country in relation to the Products ordered are to be borne by you absolutely.


How do I make an order of Products through Techislive?

You can simply click on the “Checkout” link at the upper right corner or  inside the "Shopping Cart", fill in the delivery details in the Online Order Form, confirm the Order and proceed to the payment gateway selected for online payment processing.


Can I cancel an Order after I received the e-mail Confirmation Letter?

Your Order is deemed to have been accepted at the time you received the Confirmation Letter. If you wish to cancel the Order on the same working day, please e-mail to our Order Processing Section at quoting the order date, Order Number Reference and contact information and we will use our reasonable endeavour to cancel your Order. Refund will be made after we have confirmed the cancellation with you by e-mail but that might take about 30 working days.
If the dispatch of the Order has been processed by us or the Merchants, we cannot cancel the Order but you might wish to return the Products to us at your own expense in accordance with our Product Return and Exchange Policy.


How long does it take for the Products ordered to be delivered to the recipient?

Normally the Products ordered will be dispatched for delivery to the recipient within 7 working days upon a successful online payment. The time of actual receipt by the recipient depends on the shipping methods selected and the destination countries. If there is a temporary shortage of stock or delay in delivery, our customer service representative will contact the Customer directly.


What if the Product I ordered is out of stock?

Under normal circumstances, when the Products available for sale are out of stock or the quantities you ordered cannot be met, you will be notified forthwith and the Order will not be processed.

However, if the Products ordered are not available for fulfillment and your payment has been received, the purchase price will be refunded in full. Techislive and/or the Merchant(s) shall have no other liability.


What if the delivery of Products is unsuccessful?

When the delivery is by postal means, the redelivery or re-direction arrangement will follow the normal postal arrangements of Techislive or the overseas delivery postal administrations, as applicable. In the event the Products ordered are not successfully delivered and returned to the Merchant, Techislive would contact the Customer for clarification or re-delivery arrangement. Products so returned would normally be kept by the Merchants for 3 months. The Merchants shall dispose of such returned Products at their absolute discretion after the 3-month retention period and the Customer shall have no claims or rights against Techislive or the Merchant in relation to the Order and/or the Products ordered for refund or otherwise.


If I did not receive the Products ordered , whom should I contact?

Please e-mail to our Order Processing at quoting the Order date, Order Number Reference and contact information for our follow-up.



Return /Exchangg

What is your Product return policy?

Please refer to our Product Return / Exchange Policy in our Terms & Conditions.



Managing "My Account"


What if I forgot my password?

If you forget your password, please click “Forgot Password” link in the login page. then In the Forgot Password page, enter your registered e-mail address, and then click “Request password”. Your password will be automatically sent to your registered e-mail address.


What if I forgot my username?

The Username is the same as the e-mail address you registered with us. If you have forgotten which e-mail address you have registered with us, please e-mail to us your First Name, Last Name and Phone number at and we can look it up for you.


Is it necessary for me to register in order to shop online?

No, it is not necessary. However, we encourage you to do so because there are benefits in being a Member.


How can I change my registered information?

Please login and click the “My Account” link on the top right corner.





What are the measures for the protection of data security?

We use servers that can support 128-bit encryption (SSL) which is a commonly used technology for online shopping malls. It can protect your personal particulars such as your name, address and credit card information. When you confirm the Order for online payment processing, you will be directed to the payment gateway of the banks or their authorized agent on which all data entered are encrypted and protected throughout the payment process.


Will my credit card or paypal account data be safe from manipulation?

When you confirm the Order for online payment processing by selecting credit card or paypal account, you will be directed to the on which all data entered is encrypted and protected throughout the payment process. The credit card or paypal account data will not be saved with your login information or in our database.


What are CVV and CVC ?

CVV stands for Card Verification Value and CVC stands for Card Verification Code. It is a 3-digit code embossed or imprinted on the back of your Visa or MasterCard credit card. It appears after and to the right of your card number (For America Express credit card, it is a 4-digit code after your card number on the right side of the front).

There are anthentication procedures established by credit card companies to provide greater security for Internet transactions, e.g. the cardholder is required to enter the CVV/CVC code during online transactions which may help to verify that the card is currently in the physical possession of the cardholder at the time of the transactions.


What is Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode and why do I need to use it?

Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode are security measures developed by Visa and MasterCard using a technology called Three-Domain (3-D) secure, which confirms the identity of a credit card holder with an extra password when an online transaction is made online.

After registering for this service with your credit card issuing bank or company, you are allowed to set a password which you would be prompted to enter before your online purchase transaction is processed. This adds an extra layer of security to verify that the individual using the credit card is the credit cardholder.